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Do you love playing games? Excited to learn to make them? Then this course is perfect for you.
In most popular computer activities, gaming is one of them that is undergoing a massive evolution. The popularity of gaming is increasing day by day. Making games requires both creative and technical skillset, And it is not as easy as playing one. But new tools are constantly arriving to make the game development process simple and smooth.
In this course, students will learn game development with simple methods, they will familiarize themselves with game development tools. This course will prepare students to start making their own games. After completing this course students will have two hands-on completed games.

Course Objective

  • This course will be having a total of 12 hours of online sessions, which is equivalent to 1 credit (Universal accepted code).
  • Access to additional virtual support if requested in advance.
  • Gain the in-demand skills you need to break into a new career field like game development and programming. No prior experience is required to get started.
  • Once you enrolled for the course, you will get access to all course materials, including graded assignments. Upon the completion of the course, you will be given an electronic certificate, which will be an added accomplishment for you. You can either print your certificate or add it to any social website of yours.


Skills you will gain




Problem-solving aptitude


Strategic thinking




Basic scripting or programming


Basic computer graphics

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Course Format

The course will be delivered with live classes, Where the instructor will deliver practical sessions and interact with students. In each lecture, a small game will be developed or a submodule of a complex project will be developed. While developing a game, the instructor will also introduce software tools. After every lecture an assignment will be given to the students, students have to complete assignments and discuss it the next day. Required assets, like images, sounds, 3d models will be provided by the instructor. The instructor may also ask to explore relevant resources.

Essential for the course


Course requirements: As such there are no pre-requisite requirements. However, there will be certain reading materials and assignments.


System requirements: PC, laptop, or mobile device and broadband connectivity.

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Course tutor

Mr. Narinder Pal Singh
Lead Developer
Chitkara School Of Art & Design
AR/VR Lab, Chitkara University

Mr. Narinder Pal Singh is a Lead Developer in the Chitkara School Of Art & Design Department at the Chitkara University, where he teaches game development classes and also working in AR/VR Lab of Chitkara University to provide assistance to Ph.D. and M.E. scholars.

Over the last 10 years, he successfully delivered many projects related to Game Designing, Development, 2d/3d Graphics Design, Animated Movies Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality projects for national and international clients.

He has Strong skill set in low an high-level graphics tools, libraries, and frameworks like OpenGL, Unity3d. He developed a variety of computer graphics applications with C/C++, C#, Python, and Java languages. He has a solid foundation in math, algorithms, geometry, and modern computing fundamentals. Have proficiency to solve complex technical problems. With the technical experience, he also has artistic skills to design attractive and high-quality graphics.

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